Journal Writing

Analytical Essays , Dance of Language textbook Research exists that suggests keeping an unstructured journal of thoughts and ideas, perhaps even a personal history or literary response, does not lead to growth in writing. There are teachers who would disagree with that. Nevertheless, when students write in a journal they practice collecting and transferring their thoughts in writing, which at the very least can have positive results.

Reasons for keeping an academic journal vary considerably, based on the specific purpose. Whether the journal is unstructured or structured to meet specific goals in the classroom, many uses exist that offer considerable benefits for students.

Journal Writing: Dance of Language textbook Whatever purpose a teacher assigns to a writing journal, the end result never strays far from the notion that students engaged in writing develop habits of writing. Growth in writing, however, evolves from a structured approach in which students move from a simple writing habit to learning and practicing the use of tools that can create clear, fluent, well developed writing in a number of different modes and for different purposes.