Language Learning

Language Learning, Dance of Language textbook The quality of one’s literacy—the ability to read and write adequately enough to communicate information, opinions, and feelings with others—relies on the condition of each person’s journey through the evolutionary process of learning. To use scientific terms, the passing from one primitive stage of reading and writing to a more highly organized form of using these skills requires the learner to accept two basic responsibilities. Students of the English language must be willing to engage in receptive learning of information and skills necessary to the gradual process of evolution, and they must work toward active learning in which students assertively take steps they know will move the process forward and gain new ground.

The good news is that Read-Write Evolution can help all students twelve years old and up who speak English, or who desire English language teaching and are just learning to speak it, with the reading and writing skills they need to become a proficient communicator.

The contents of this website include information on the language arts: reading, writing, listening, speaking and related topics and skills, including thinking and observing or viewing. The purpose is to show the reader how receptive learning works while encouraging him or her to become an active learner who takes charge of the learning process for life.

Language Learning: Dance of Language textbook Receptive learning simply means that the student is open to hearing or reading—receiving—information that will serve as a foundation for each new stage of the educational process. Active learning works hand in hand with receptive learning in that students have many choices about how they will respond to new information and what actions they will take to retain that information and use it to move to higher levels of learning. If you are the student who doesn’t come prepared to class, who doesn’t take notes, whose concentration often wanders during a lecture, you have not participated in either receptive or active learning, and success will not come easily for you. Or perhaps you speak English as a second language and want to become more proficient. I invite you to explore this website and obtain the help you need. Let’s get started